About the Pageant

Organized by Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers' Association (HKJMA),"Miss Jewelry Hong Kong" Pageant follows the excellent standard of Hong Kong jewelry designs and discovers ambassadors who possess charisma and glamor, in addition to jewelry knowledge, to promote Hong Kong jewelry's innovative designs and exquisite craftsmanship to jewelry lovers and industry players all over the world. As a result, Hong Kong jewelry industry will play a more active and significant role in the global jewelry market. Being assertive, dignified and knowledgeable in jewelry, "Miss Jewelry Hong Kong" stands for excellence and personifies the distinguishing features of Hong Kong jewelry – a fusion of beauty and confidence.

"Miss Jewelry Hong Kong" Pageant was launched in 2010 with an epoch-making concept of uniting jewelry and femininity, a magical touch to accentuate the occasion. It successfully drew numerous ladies from around the world to apply for this unprecedented event and gained widespread media coverage.

The theme for the 2017 Pageant, “Dream with Hope”, depicts 10 fresh and refined candidates chasing for dreams and giving off their youthful vitality. Dream provides direction and meaning for life, propels movement forward, and brings an unforgettable experience. In the globally renowned Pearl of the Orient where East meets West, beauties are being nurtured by both cultures and the essence of these traditions complimenting each other create a unique glamor. It’s just like Hong Kong jewelry which inherits the extraordinary Chinese craftsmanship, incorporating modern ideas and techniques, not only produces fine designs and delicate crafts, but also provides a quality assurance that gives consumers confidence.